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Distribution Services

In a pharmaceutical environment where counterfeiting, tampering and reimportation remain significant concerns, our Point2PointTM Delivery Control Process lets our customers know where and how their products are handled at every stage between order and delivery. Customers rely on us as their essential business partner because we deliver the auditable data to validate that trust.

  • Unbroken Chain of Custody. We purchase our products directly from the manufacturer and sell them directly to our customers - guaranteed.
  • Electronic Product Verification. Electronic bar code scanning is employed at delivery, stocking and shipping to ensure accuracy throughout the distribution process.
  • Transparent Distribution Process. Our EasyTrack™ Lot Tracking System allows customers to access information on all aspects of an order and view its status from purchase through delivery.
  • Expert-Approved, Strategically Located. Our advanced distribution centers are fully compliant with FDA and DEA standards. With one located just minutes from the primary UPS shipping hub and another just minutes from a FedEx air hub; our distribution facilities ensure faster product shipments throughout the country.
  • Convenience and Customer Care. Customers can order from ASD Healthcare's full line of products at any time through our secure Web site. On weekdays during normal business hours, they can also receive instant access to experts who are available to answer questions and process orders over the phone.

Last minute and emergency requests can arrive at any moment. ASD Healthcare is prepared to respond. Our national network of advanced distribution centers provides overnight and even same-day service to healthcare providers throughout the country.

FDA and DEA approved, ASD Healthcare's flagship distribution centers feature more than 175,000 square feet of combined available space, with one located just minutes from the main shipping hub for UPS in Kentucky and another within minutes of a primary FedEx air hub in Nevada.

But it’s not simply a large space. It’s also a smart space. Advanced technologies regulate temperature and humidity across all storage areas, provide 24/7 security and offer complete facility power backup. At the same time, the facility location offers greater ordering flexibility. Refrigerated orders placed on Friday evening can be delivered as early as Monday morning at no extra charge.

ASD Healthcare has expanded our emergency service as well. Along with our primary distribution centers in Kentucky and Nevada, secondary facilities in Alabama, California, Pennsylvania and Texas allow us to offer same-day product delivery to 48 states.

The result: Improved operations for ASD Healthcare; improved access to vital therapies for our customers and their patients.

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Receive life-saving specialty pharmaceuticals within hours. ASD Healthcare offers same-day emergency service-today and every day. With more than a decade of customer satisfaction and the backing of AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group, ASD Healthcare understands the critical nature of patient care. More importantly, we have the expertise and resources that allow customers nationwide to have access to the products they need when they need them most.

Order Any Time

ASD Healthcare staffs on-call representatives to process orders around the clock.

  • Emergency on-call ordering by phone-24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Within minutes, orders can be placed and processed for same-day delivery

Unparalleled Product Availability

ASD Healthcare stocks critical care products for all your emergency needs, including:

  • Albumin
  • IVIG
  • Antihemophilic factors
  • Oncolytics
  • Hyper-immune products
  • Other specialty drugs
Know where and how your products are handled - from order to delivery