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ASD Healthcare Supports The Jeffery Modell Foundation
The Jeffery Modell Foundation was established by Vicki and Fred Modell in the memory of their son who died from Primary Immunodeficiency (PID) at the age of 15. This foundation is dedicated to identifying, treating, and ultimately curing PID through programs of advocacy and service. The Jeffery Modell Foundation established a Physicians Education and Public Awareness Campaign to support early diagnosis and to create a greater awareness for PID. In May 2010, Parliament magazine published the article "
Driving Diagnosis for Optimal Care" which outlines a successful lunchtime event, co-organized by Fred and Vicki Modell.

ASD proudly endorses The Alliance for Plasma Therapies
Members of the immune globulin community have united to form the Alliance for Plasma Therapies, because patient care has been compromised by lack of access to intravenous immune globulin (IVIG); many providers are no longer treating with IVIG due to reimbursement restrictions; and no other organization exists to represent all patients and providers of plasma therapies. 

Dying For Help is a feature length documentary chronicling the battles facing patients with rare diseases, who must fight for the life saving therapies they desperately need.

The Film is Written and Directed by Mike Walter, who made the landmark film Breaking News, Breaking Down, an official selection of the Cannes Independent Film Festival and is in the Short Film Corner in the FESTIVAL DE CANNES. The film has won 7 awards, and was selected as one of the best documentary shorts for 2009 by Moving Pictures Magazine.

Dying For Help takes the viewer from the corridors of power in Washington, DC to the rural backroads of Nebraska, and on to California and Florida to experience the heart wrenching stories of these patients. In Texas, you'll see how some have experienced everything from despair to death after their life saving treatments were denied. You'll also meet the tenacious advocate as she travels the country helping those in desperate need.

Join ASD Healthcare in Supporting Save One Life
Laureen A. Kelley is the mother of a son living with hemophilia who can thankfully give her child proper treatment to this disease and provide her son with educational funding.  After hearing about children around the world who cannot afford medicine for this rare illness, she traveled to Pakistan to see the poverty-ridden country and its citizens who have hemophilia.  Witnessing young children in developing countries suffering daily from the pain of this bleeding disorder, she realized there is hope for these children with just $20 a month.  In 2000, Laureen founded
Save One Life, a registered non-profit organization that helps fund impoverished children in developing countries who suffer from hemophilia.  Read more about Laureen's story here.

ASD Healthcare Helps Sponsor the Second Edition of Our Immune System Written by Sara LeBien
With fun, colorful illustrations that fill the pages of Our Immune System, written by Sara LeBien, children living with primary immunodeficiency can finally understand how their immune system is different from others.  LeBien's first edition was released in 1990, but since, new treatments are being used and audiences have grown.  Read more about this kid-friendly book and ASD Healthcare's involvement

ASD Healthcare's Partnership with The Alpha-1 Foundation
The Alpha-1 Foundation was founded in 1995 with the goal of improving the detection of Alpha-1 and increasing research, in hope to find a cure for this genetic condition.  Raising an understanding of Alpha-1 has been an important element of the foundation’s mission because it is one of the most common life-threatening conditions that the public knows little about.  Read more about The Alpha-1 Foundation here.