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1. When can I expect my order to arrive?
We expect to begin distribution in August 2011 . Unfortunately, the product inspection/release process from the manufacture does not allow us to provide you with an exact timeframe for shipment. We can assure you that we will begin shipping as soon as we receive the product.  

2. Will I receive my full order when product becomes available?
Due to the product inspection/release process, the manufacturer does not allow us to provide specific shipping information. ASD Healthcare will ship the product based upon availability from the manufacturers at time of shipment(s).

3. Is the flu vaccine returnable?
As in previous years, all Influenza Vaccines are non-returnable. 

4. Can I cancel or change my flu order?
Your order may be changed prior up to August 1, 2011.  Any and all changes to orders must be submitted in writing.

5. What brands are being offered?
Please visit our product page for the latest product offerings.

7. If I’m allergic to eggs or thimerosal (a mercury derivative), can I take the flu shot?
If you are allergic to eggs or thimerosal, the flu shot is not recommended.  Please read the product information completely prior to dosing.

8. When do I give the flu shots?
The CDC recommends that the optimal time to vaccinate is usually during the months of October through January.

9. When will I receive my order confirmation?
ASD Healthcare will distribute order confirmations within 24 hours following the placement of each order.

10.  How can I check status of my prebook flu order?
Please call (866) 281-4FLU where you may speak to an ASD Healthcare representative or listen to an automated message with information about the current flu season.

11. If I have questions about product information, who do I contact?
ASD Healthcare recommends contacting the manufacturers' clinical toll-free telephone numbers or visiting the website for specific product information.