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On-site supply without off-the-chart expense. Cubixx™ provides instant access to vital medications and bills you only for the products you use. Developed by ASD Healthcare, Cubixx uses RFID technology to monitor inventory continuously. Its advantages include:

  • Vital Products within Seconds - Temperature-regulated storage to keep a reliable supply of products available
  • 24/7 Automated Monitoring - Cubixx verifies product temperature, system power supply and network connectivity 24 hours a day,seven days a week to ensure the safe storage of all its medications
  • RFID-enabled for Convenience - Electronic RFID tags on all products allow Cubixx to invoice customers only when they use the product
  • Customer-set Inventory - Customers determine their own quantities, which ASD Healthcare remotely tracks through RFID technology
  • Automated Product Verification - Cubixx automatically verifies expiration dates and other pertinent information on each product unit
  • Electronic Inventory Management - Cubixx automatically requests replenishment when the product count falls below your
    designated level
  • Optimal Space Efficiency - With sizes that range from 5 cubic feet to 56 cubic feet, Cubixx provides the space you need for your specialty products
  • Free Shipping - ASD Healthcare provides free shipping for all Cubixx products. Products ship from our advanced distribution centers and are delivered to you the next day
  • The Most Products on Consignment - With hundreds of products available, Cubixx meets virtually all of your product needs

Call 877.428.2499 today to learn more about Cubixx.

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The alternative to traditional consignment